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We offer to devise a customized and personalized consultation for our clients after thoroughly evaluating all the attributes responsible for optimum health. We strongly believe a ready reckoner approach to health is not feasible and thus recommend our clients to follow a tailor made path to health and wellbeing according to your body type.

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During Initial consultation, your Ayurveda practitioner will evaluate your state of health and assess balance and imbalance with the help of Various Ayurvedic assessment methods including pulse reading, tongue examinations, body type determination, state of mind and emotional balance. You will receive a complete guideline regarding your Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle that works uniquely for YOU. Imbalances will be addressed from a truly holistic perspective, exploring the root cause, not merely symptomatic treatment. Upon completion of examination, your practitioner will provide comprehensive health protocols. Specific guidelines for diet, daily and seasonal routines, lifestyle modifications, yoga, breathing techniques, detox, herbs and supplements, rejuvenation methods and body therapies that are relevant to promoting your health and vitality will be discussed. In the follow-up consultation, progress will be monitored to assure that set goals will deliver lasting results.

Initial Consultation 90min : $150 | Follow up 45 mins : $75

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Phone/Skype Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultation

During the phone/skype consultation, which may last an hour, your Ayurveda Consultant will take a detailed history of your health problems, lifestyle, food habits etc. This helps the Ayurveda Consultant to get a good idea of your health, even if you are not present.

If you are interested in scheduling an Ayurvedic consultation over the phone or skype, please familiarize yourself with following policies and procedures.

Initial Consultation 90min : $150 | Follow up 45 mins : $75

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